Quality e-bikes sold at our cost + $200

  • The COMPANY warrants that the frame will be free from defects in the materials and workmanship for a period of 2 years. 

  • The COMPANY warrants that the motor and battery pack will be free from defects in the materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year*. 

  • The COMPANY warrants that the electrical components including the controller and charger will be free from defects in the materials and workmanship for a period of 6 months. 

  • Before shipping, we conduct spot checks on our transporters to validate overall quality and condition of electrical components including motor and battery pack. These checked units have their battery tested and fully charged before shipping. 

  • The lithium ion technology we use is intended to last for several years while being charged and discharged several hundred times. However, the battery's life span will depend on your care of the battery. 

  • Battery life will depend on your maintenance and care of the battery. We use advanced Lithium-Ion batteries and they should be charged at least once a month to ensure the longevity of your battery. Make sure to only use our supplied charger on your battery as well as a power bar to prevent surcharges. 

  • Allow your battery to rest for 10 minutes after charging before riding and for 10 min after riding before charging. Unplug your battery charger after the light turns green indicating your battery is fully charged. 

  • Caution: Do not expose your battery to water, humidity and extremely low or high temperatures to avoid potential damage to your battery. 

  • If the PRODUCT proves defective AND a claim is filed during the warranty period, the COMPANY at its option, will: 
  • Repair the PRODUCT by means of telephone support, email support, or by providing the necessary parts at no charge. 

Warranty claims must be filed with Merkava by email: info@merkava.ca

* Warranty on battery will be limited to 6 months if it is determined that our guidelines for proper battery care have not been followed.

The following are not covered by the warranty:
• Shipping to and from or drop off and pick up at our locations for repairs covered under the warranty.
• Wear and tear on frame, grip tape, levers, tubes, tires, brake discs, brake pads, cables, seats, plastic fairings, shocks or suspensions and any other component which wears out naturally during usage.
• Minor scratches and stress marks that may occur during shipping and handling.
• Water damage caused by exposing the bike and sensitive electrical parts to water such as washing transporter with hose or pressure washer.
• Accidents, misuse, abuse, human errors or lack of maintenance.
• Acts-of-god such as fire, flood, earthquake, freezing, etc
• Transfer of eBike ownership
• Damages caused by salt in winter conditions. 

The following will void the warranty:
• The modification of your transporter or use outside those specified on this site.
• The serial number of the product has been altered or removed.
• The product has been dismantled and repaired/reassembled improperly or with aftermarket parts.
• Overloading your transporter.
• Storing your transporter outdoors.