FREE Shipping across Canada on all eBikes for a Limited Time.

In addition to the 2 year limited warranty applied to all our new electric bicycles, Merkava is now offering a new 14 Day Buy Back Guarantee.

Purchase your new e-bike with total confidence. If you aren't thrilled with your electric bike once you've received it, Merkava will buy it back from you, no questions asked. We will respect this pledge whether you buy your e-bike directly from us, at one of Merkava's authorized dealers or online retailers. 

 Terms and conditions:

- Offer valid on all e-bikes in stock sold at regular price.
- Offer not valid on special order e-bikes.
- Buyers must initiate the request for a buy back within 14 days of receipt.
- Proof of purchase and payment required.
- eBike must show less than 20km on the Odometer.
- eBike must be in mint (like new) condition. 
- Buy back rate is your pre tax purchase price minus* 15% plus the GST/HST and QST (if you are in QC).
- Return shipping costs covered by buyer. 

 *This is to cover admin and restocking fees but most importantly because it will need to be resold as a pre owned e-bike.