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Triboard500 By Merkava

500W Powered 3-Wheel Land SurfBoard.


Top Speed


Max Range




Samsung Battery

Features a Unique

“LEAN TO STEER   system”

  • which allows riders to intuitively change the board’s course by leaning their body weight from side to side.

Little things do make a difference

Triboard500’s 45 degree “Lean to Steer” technology combines steering and balancing into one action making riding natural and intuitive from the first time you step on board.

Obsessively Engineered 

and built from the ground up to provide the most exhilarating riding experience. Intuitive steering, self centering suspension and advanced speed controls let you cruise, commute or carve the curbs with ease.

500W Brushless hub motor


  • 423Wh Lithium ion battery cells with 48 Volts and 8.8Ah capacity. This baby is going to take you places with its top speed of 32km/hr (22mi/hr) and max range on a single charge of 25km (16mi). 

Fold Grab and go!

Bring your Triboard500 anywhere. It folds in under 2 seconds and can easily fit in your trunk or carried as a trolley into a bus, subway or your apartment.

Ready to roll?

Triboard500 by Merkava is an awesome new personal transportation device. No matter your age or skill level you are sure to enjoy a thrilling ride.


Turn your Triboard into a Golf cart!

Applications for the TriBoard500 include:

Personal commute & leisure rides

Security Guards in Malls or other public areas

Warehouse personnel mobility

To zip around your favorite Golf course 

ready to roll?

Next Generation kick scooter

Merkava’s TriBoard500 intuitive 3-wheel, lean to steer design made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy provides the ultimate experience in steering and stability putting the rider in complete control and making steering, acceleration and braking a breeze.

Get there faster 

COMMUTE or JOY RIDE through your city, neighborhood or school campus. Get there faster! Adios to traffic, parking or long bus and subway wait times. Take control of your destination...every time.

Powered by Samsung

The TriBoard500 kick scooter is powered by a state of the art rechargeable lithium ion battery pack from Samsung with an impressive 48V and 8.8Ah giving you enough juice for your long rides.

Charge anywhere

CHARGE ANYWHERE through any 110V power outlet at school, the office or home. Our light weight charger can easily be carried in your back pack so you are never left with an empty battery. Plug, Play and Repeat!

What our customers think

Walter Nguyen

Kelowna, BC

The ride feels very stable and the build quality is excellent. The wider wheels and suspension really help smooth out the riding experience which is far above lime, bird or jump rental scooters that I used to ride every day. It also feels a lot safer due to the grip of the wider wheels and the mechanical brake. I would recommend it. 

Fred Sims

Toronto, ON

The scooter is amazing. I believe it is the perfect balance in power and distance and weight. It can easily be folded up and put into a vehicle, and then brought back out and ridden around. It has plenty of acceleration, and can easily get up to about 32km/hr. And that is with a 200lb rider on it.

Emma Greer

Cape Coral, FL

Battery endurance is a must on these scooters, and it does a great job. I have never run out of battery, and I am usually full speed wherever I go. Power is there for acceleration which is like a safety feature I believe when you are so much smaller than everyone else. You can quickly move out of the way if someone pulls out in front of you or anything like that..

Ann Vasquez

Atlantic city, NJ

Worth the wait. Very happy with the product, powers great, goes up even the steepest hills around our area. Breaks work great. Ride feeling kind of like being on a snowboard or skateboard, the three wide wheel gives you an option of being able to lean a bit using your body but still lets you ride comfortably standing straight if that is what you prefer. 

Alain Chouinard

Montreal, QC

I’ve had the scooter for a few weeks now; I preordered the 2020 version. Customer support was excellent throughout the process. I’ve ridden a little over 100 km since it arrived. It’s very solidly built. Folding mechanism is easy to use. The three wheels provide a stable ride, and it’s easy to maneuver once you get used to it. I use it mostly for commuting; my average ride is 12-14 km round trip and it handles it easily with no loss of performance. I’m 175lbs and it gets me up hills easily.

Carrie Bailey

Saint John, NB

Well after tons or research and few weeks of use, I would say I'm totally pleased with my purchase. Using the three wheel kick scooter has been very simple and easy to operate. That also includes the folding function when getting on the train. The nob makes that quick and easy. You can easily pick the scooter up by the bar and carry it or roll it behind you.

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