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Falcon8k (Black Ops)
By Merkava

8,000W Powerhouse Super e-motocross 

Falcon8k (BlackOps Edition)

Merkava’s Falcon8k 

(Black Ops Edition)

  • super e-motocross brings an ominous look to an otherwise tame e-bike segment.

Looking more like a full-blown motorcycle 

than your average e-bike, the commanding steed combines power, grit, big-league shock absorption, massive fat tires and a motocross seat.

Part mountain bike,

part dirt bike and all beast, the Falcon8K comes ready to tear apart your local gravel or dirt trails.

The Falcon8K 

(Black Ops Edition)

  • super e-motocross with its outstanding 8000 watt brushless motor is essentially in a category of its own. It is far from the average mountain bike thanks to its efficient and clean motor that will propel you up any terrain and kick in with unnerving torque when you’re in need of your daily dose of adrenaline.

With its pedals and traditional mountain bike components 

you can easily ride it, haul it and service it yourself saving time and money. You can even tap yourself on the back for taking a big leap in reducing your carbon footprint and saving our planet.

 It may not have the power of a traditional internal combustion gas guzzling motocross but its lower weight, superb agility, silent, reliable and clean motor far outweighs this. 

The Falcon8K is built on a fortified steel frame

to sustain its breathtaking 8,000 watt motor which will propel you up to 95km/hr (60mi/hr). With almost no maintenance needed and a max range in excess of 120km (75mi) on PAS mode the Falcon8K super e-bike will supply your adrenaline fix…guaranteed.

Powered By A Potent Panasonic 

(72V- 40Ah) Battery Pack

  • the Falcon8K (Black Ops edition) super e-motocross is designed for long treks through trails, fields, forests and off roads. The motor is located in the center of the rear wheel and provides torque effortlessly and silently allowing you to rip through trails otherwise inaccessible or forbidden to loud motocross bikes.

Applications for the Falcon8k (Black Ops Edition) include:

Trail rides & off road use  


Mountain trail rides

Leisure, slow speed rides on bike paths 

Brand NameMerkava
Model NameFalcon8K Black Ops
Motor Brushless DC High Magnetic geared Motor in rear wheel
Power 8000 Watts 
Motor Torque 190N.M
Voltage 72V
Battery capacity Panasonic 72V - 40Ah rechargeable Lithium-ion 
Single cell capacity 2900Mah
Battery Weight 18kg or 39lbs 
Standard charging current 3Ah
Battery compartment Flame retardant ABS
Charging time 12-13hr
Top speed 95km/hour or 60mi/hour*
Max range on a full charge over 120km (75mi) on PAS mode*
Riding Modes Pedal assist with various levels, Throttle only
Hill Climb Up to 30% grade
Tires Size 26 x 4 inches KENDA fat mountain track tires
Wheel type Pneumatic tire
Lights Front LED running and high beam lights
Foldable No
BrakesFront Tektro AURiGA Hydraulic DISC Brake
Rear Tektro AURiGA Hydraulic Disc Brake
Derailleur Outer 7 speed SHIMANO
Chain KMC 7 speed chain
Chain Wheel 42 teeth double cover AL-ALLOY LESCO
Handle Bar AL-ALLOY AL6061 31.8 Zoom
Saddle Motocross seat
Display Yes, Smart Meter LCD display showing battery life, speed and more with waterproof wiring
USB charging port No
Color Black with red wheels 
Body Fortified steel frame
Front fork Aluminum Alloy
Rear fork Aluminum Alloy
Front shock absorber ZOOM Triple Crown oil inverted shock absorbing suspension.
(adjustable and lockable). Range 180mm 
Rear shock absorber DNM RCP-2S Oil pressure damping system with coil
Net weight 55kg or 120lbs
Max load 115kg or 250lbs
Adjustable seat No, fixed motocross seat
Dimensions• Total width 2000mm (79in) 
• Wheel base 1290mm (51in) 
• Ground clearance 375mm (15in) 
• Height of handlebar from the ground 1150mm (45in) 
• Handlebar width 650mm (25in) 
Water Proof rating iP65

*Max speed and range based on a 175lbs rider and flat surface.

ready to roll?

Powerhouse super e-motocross

Forget anything you may have experienced  in the past with other e-bikes. The Falcon8k (Black Ops Edition) will blow you away with its performance leaving you wanting more. 

Get there faster 

Rip through your local trails like never before leaving no noise or pollution behind. Zip up and down your favorite hills for an adrenaline packed excursion every time. 

Powered by Panasonic

The Falcon8k (Black Ops Edition) e-motocross is powered by a state of the art rechargeable lithium ion battery pack from Panasonic with a very impressive 72V and 40Ah giving you enough juice for your most daring stunts. 

Charge anywhere

CHARGE ANYWHERE through any 110V power outlet at school, the office or home. Our light weight charger can easily be carried in your back pack so you are never left with an empty battery. Plug, Play and Repeat!

What our customers think

Dan Arlington

Portland, ME

I was a little skeptical at first that any battery powered bike would provide me with the speed I had gotten used to with my KTM but I must say I am really impressed with the Falcon8k. Ill be back with another review in a few months after I've beaten it a little more :)

Greg Whitman

North Vancouver, BC 

The pictures on the site don't fully convey the imposing stature of this e-bike. I was surprised to see how thick and sturdy it is. Also quiet heavy. Feels much more like a motorcycle than a mountain bike. With such powerful acceleration I guess it has to be built tough. I'm very impressed.

Brian Tzalis

Montreal, QC

This is my first ever e-bike and I am trying to learn how to run before learning to walk. It is a lot of bike to handle. Luckily I can choose the level of pedal assist. Looking forward to unleashing this beast once I'm more at ease with it.

Jean Phillip Gagnon

Gatineau, QC

I was debating between the Falcon8K e-bike and e-motocross but chose the later and am happy with my purchase. The seat seemed more comfortable and the fat tires really make a difference on the trails. I would probably ask that they add rear brake lights on future models though but i guess it can be done aftermarket if necessary.

Nick Moffa

Plattsburgh, NY

Been riding my Falcon8K for a few weeks and I am very impressed with the performance and workmanship of the e-bike. Only problem I'm foreseeing is that my buddy's won't be able to keep up with me with their traditional mountain bikes. Will probably hold on to my old bike for treks with the boys.

Carlo Vasquez

Destin, FL

I'm new to Destin and don't know where the best trails are yet but been riding mine on stretches of rough beaches in my area. It's a lot of fun. This thing has mad torque it's scary.

Falcon8k (BlackOps Edition)

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Falcon8k (BlackOps Edition)