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Cobra5k By Merkava

5,000W Premium Trail Beast Stand Up Board

Not for your average  

Stand Up Scooter Rider

  • and certainly not for the faint of heart. This trail beast will propel you to over 55km/hr or 34mph on the roughest of terrains.

In an effort to push the boundaries

of what electric technology is capable of when applied to stand up scooters Merkava is offering you the Cobra5K. A powerhouse stand up transporter with impressive performance.

Built from the ground up

to provide its rider endless hours of adrenaline packed adventures through forest trails, fields and tracks.

Rechargeable Battery 

Powered by Samsung

  • With an impressive 48V-26Ah Samsung rechargeable lithium ion battery this beast will challenge your senses for hours at a time with its max range on a single charge of over 65km or 40mi.

Producing zero emissions,

having no internal fluids and a safe Samsung lithium ion battery you can bring the Cobra5K anywhere you go.

Obsessively engineered and built from the ground up to provide the most exhilarating riding experience. Intuitive steering, self centering suspension and advanced speed controls let you cruise, commute or rip through your local trails with ease.

The Cobra5K is propelled

by a 5,000watt Brushless Gear Motor powered by a SAMSUNG Lithium ion battery pack with 48 Volts and 25.0Ah capacity. This baby is going to take you places with its stated range on a single charge of over 65km or 40mi..


Bring Your Cobra5K Anywhere

  • It folds in a few seconds and can easily fit in your trunk, a bus, subway, office cubicle or your apartment.


through any 110V power outlet at school, the office or home. Plug, Play and Repeat!

Merkava’s Cobra5K is made of aircraft grade aluminum 

alloy providing the ultimate experience in steering and stability putting the rider in complete control and making steering, acceleration and braking a breeze.

Get there faster! Take control of your destination...every time.

READY TO RIDE? Cobra5K by Merkava is an awesome new personal transportation device guaranteed to leave you wanting more. Overwhelming acceleration, climbing and off road capability unmatched by anything in its class. 

Applications for the Cobra5k include:

Off road use & trail rides

Leisure rides on bike paths

Mountain trail rides


Brand NameMerkava
Model NameCobra5K
Motor Brushless Geared Motor with belt drivetrain
Power 5,000Watts
Motor Torque 62N.M
Voltage 48V
Battery capacity Samsung Lithium-Ion 48V - 26.0Ah
Single cell capacity2900Mah
Charging time standard charger 4-5hr
Charging time optional fast charger1.5hr
Top speed 55km/hour or 35mi/hour*
Max range on a full chargeover 65km or 40mi  (Max range will vary with rider weight, slope and speed) *
Hill Climb Up to 25% grade
Wheel Size 145/70-6 aluminum alloy
Tires Size 145/70-6 KENDA TUBELESS
Wheel type Pneumatic tire
Lights Rear LED brake lights, Front LED 12watt headlights
Foldable Yes
Brakes Front And Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes by XOD
LED display Yes, showing battery voltage level 
USB charging port No
Color Black on Black
Body Aluminum Alloy body
Net weight44kg or 97lbs
Max load 102kg or 225lbs
Dimensions:• Length 1346mm (53in)
• Width at deck 381mm (15in)
• Height 1168mm (46in)
• Folded height 508mm (20in)
Waterproof rating IP54

*Max speed and range based on a 175lbs rider and flat surface.

ready to roll?

Powerhouse kick scooter

Forget anything you may have experienced in the past with other stand up boards or kick scooters. The Cobra5K will blow you away with its performance leaving you wanting more.

Get there faster 

Rip through your local trails like never before leaving no noise or pollution behind. Zip up and down your favorite hills for an adrenaline packed excursion every time.

Powered by Samsung

The Cobra5k kick scooter is powered by a state of the art rechargeable lithium ion battery pack with an impressive 48V and 16.0Ah giving you enough juice for your long rides.

Charge anywhere

CHARGE ANYWHERE through any 110V power outlet at school, the office or home. Our light weight charger can easily be carried in your back pack so you are never left with an empty battery. Plug, Play and Repeat!

What our customers think

Tayyib Jefferson

Beaumont, AB

Have done a lot of homework before committing to the Cobra5K and for my intended usage I think the price to quality ratio is great. It is a lot of machine and I am a speed junkie so I needed something capable of keeping up. So far, can’t complain.

Alex Friedman

Coquitlam, BC

I happened to have rented and owned a variety of kick scooters throughout the years and I can’t say I’ve ridden anything like the Cobra5K before. The raw power from the rear wheel is awesome. With so much power I think Merkava should consider introducing an “all wheel drive” version. It would get better traction but you wouldn’t be able to do burns with the rear wheel. That’s just my 2 cents.

Pranav Ahmad

Markham, On

Been wanting this type of toy for a little while now and was actually considering more expensive alternatives until I stumbled on the Cobra5K. It seems to be offering just as much for less. I received mine three weeks ago and I really enjoy it. Still not using it at its full potential. Can’t wait to muster up the guts to unleash this animal:)

Nolan Sandoval

Sault St Marie, ON

I’m rarely one to comment on websites but I feel this kick scooter warrants a little praise being that it is far from being mainstream, with its price tag and all. I financed mine through the website so it didn’t hurt as much. But wow, what a machine. I feel like I get a workout every time I use it. You have to try it to understand. I do recommend it.

Roberto Webb

Halifax, NS

Love it so far. Just received it so I will probably add another comment once I’ve inflicted a little more abuse to it :) All in all, workmanship and built is fantastic though. Beat my expectations for a stand up kick scooter. This title doesn’t do it justice, someone should coin a new word for these machines.

Ronan Stein

Montreal, QC

Merkava is a biblical word for “Chariot” and also used by tank manufacturers. It’s actually very fitting for this kick scooter as it is exactly how I would describe it when compared to what we’ve been accustomed to seeing so far in this segment. A real tank of a scooter. Love it.

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