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ZOOM By Merkava 

ZOOM through the city or bike path with this light weight eBike


Top Speed


Max Range




Samsung Li-ion

Slim Frame

  • The ZOOM's lightweight frame weighing in at 44Lbs and simplicity are built for speed and efficiency, for the daily commute or zooming down a bike path.

A Discrete eBike

For the discerning cyclist who wants to exercise while also having the option to amp up the experience. With its brushless hub motor in the back wheel, you may now cycle with ease while receiving aid from the motor in Pedal Assist Mode or ZOOM by using the throttle when necessary.

Pedal Action

Integrated teeth inside the ZOOM’s pedals provide a secure grip. With the seamless torque sensor pedal assist you’ll forget your riding an eBike.

Seen And Be Seen

  • Riding in the dark is now possible thanks to the bright LED headlight on the ZOOM. The embedded reflectors will ensure that you are noticed!

Vintage Seat

A stylish and comfortable saddle. Seating position and height could now be adjusted in two ways for a more enjoyable ride.

Slick And Practical Handlebar

ZOOM now features a streamlined handlebar with an integrated bright LCD display that is handy and carries useful riding tools. In addition to the comfortable grips, there is a bell and a P.A.S level adjustment button.

Superior Stopping Power

ZOOM eBikes are now equipped with powerful hydraulic disc brakes for safety and increased performance.

Information At Your Fingertips

The ZOOM offers a lighting display that shows all relevant information about your eBike, such as range remaining, speedometer, and P.A.S power level.

Get Set Go!

With its one gear torque sensor, carbon drive belt, lightweight, and aerodynamic frame, you're ready to hit the road or cycling path for a thrilling session. And no one needs to know that you could rely on the ZOOM's discrete yet strong brushless motor for aid on slopes or on the way back.


ZOOM’s single-speed is lighter, and simpler than its multi-geared counterparts. There are fewer parts on the bicycle that require maintenance without a gearing system, making it appropriate for city commuting in all conditions.

 No clunky gear changes just seamless power is delivered through the fully integrated drive train. With straight chainline there’s no chain drag from rear derailleur jockey pulleys, and the absence of chainrings, ramps, and pins all contribute to it’s increased efficiency.

Sophisticated And Stylish

From its sleek dashboard, thin lightweight frame to its jet black satin finish this race bike will deliver instant kick when you decide it’s time to leave them all behind.

Applications for the ZOOM include:

Daily commute

Road Use

Leisure rides on bike paths, trails and beach

Travel Transporter 

ready to roll?

Big Tires with Low Footprint  

The ZOOM eBike will allow you to explore more with little to no effort and absolutely no impact on the environment. This year ride green.  

Going Places 

Commute or joy ride through your trails or beaches. Get there faster! No license, plates or insurance required. Adios to traffic, parking or long bus and subway wait times. Take control of your destination...every time.  

Powered by a SAMSUNG  battery pack 

With a sleek lightweight frame this race bike will deliver instant kick

Charge anywhere

CHARGE ANYWHERE through any 110V power outlet at school, the office or home. Our light weight charger can easily be carried in your back pack so you are never left with an empty battery. Plug, Play and Repeat!  

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Merkava Staff