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By Merkava 

500W Vintage Classic e-bike


Top Speed


Max Range




Li-ion Battery

Versatile Design,

  • the Cruiser500’s iron frame has been meticulously engineered to provide the perfect harmony between performance and comfort. With the aesthetics of bygone beauty, and the versatility of a smart pedal assist or throttle only, the Cruiser500 offers quick, classy, and most versatile commuting.

Intuitive Pedal Assist,

with its 500w torque-sensing drivetrain with several levels of pedal assist it ensures that you’ll get the dressed down workout you want or the business casual cruise you need. Between the torque of a brushless motor, and the traditional SHIMANO 7-speed derailleur, the power possibilities are endless. The Cruiser500 crushes all commutes be it a crosstown hustle or a no-sweat jaunt around the block.

All the benefits 

of bicycle commuting have been amplified by the electric drive train and vintage-inspired aesthetics, putting the Cruiser500 electric bike in a lane of its own.

Propelled by

a 500W Bafang high speed brushless hub motor

  • and a 48V-20Ah Lithium ion battery pack, the Cruiser500 will easily reach speeds of 32km/hr (20mi/hr) putting you in control of your ride…every time.

Timeless Design 

The sleek iron frame is optimized for performance and comfort. It provides a confidence-inspiring ride. The crown jewel of the Cruiser500 classic aesthetic is its elegant moto inspired LED headlamp which you will love during your evening cruises.

Intuitive Controls

Power and control are accessible in a comfortable, intuitive interface. On-demand acceleration is delivered via human power, or with a flick of the thumb throttle. Several power modes are available, providing a ride that’s mild when you need it and wild when you want it.

Two wheels, clean energy and timeless design. Focused on manufacturing perfection, ingenuity and artful design. The Cruiser500 leads the way in the world of electric power assisted bicycles with its unique distinctive details. Ecology has never been so beautiful and so functional. Take pleasure and revel in the ultimate e-bike riding experience on our Cruiser500. 

Applications for the Cruiser500 include:

Personal commute

Art Galleries

Leisure rides on bike paths and trails

Retail store Showcases

Available Colors

ready to roll?

On a league of its own

Redefining and reinventing vintage cycles. Become part of an exclusive community choosing to reduce their carbon footprint in style. 

Going places

Commute or joy ride through your city, neighborhood or school campus. Get there faster! No license, plates or insurance required. Adios to traffic, parking or long bus and subway wait times. Take control of your destination...every time.

Powered by lithium ion technology 

The Cruiser500 vintage e-bike is powered by a state of the art rechargeable lithium ion battery pack neatly tucked into the V-type twin cylinder faux compartment. 

Charge anywhere

CHARGE ANYWHERE through any 110V power outlet at school, the office or home. Our light weight charger can easily be carried in your back pack so you are never left with an empty battery. Plug, Play and Repeat!

What our customers think

Silva Cordelia

Hudson, QC

I have had my Cruiser500 for a few weeks now and have really enjoyed it. It turns heads everywhere I go. I thought I would never ride a bike again after knee replacement. The Cruiser500 handles the hills with ease. It is very quiet; the electric power comes on very smooth without any jerk. It is very balanced and not difficult to move around. You can get all the exercise you want by turning down or off the electric assistance. Or turn it up and just enjoy the ride

Jadon Truong

Miramich, NB

I've been an avid bike rider (both road and mountain) for 35 years. I became interested in electric bikes so that my wife and I could ride together. We are at very different skill levels and as a result we did not ride together. The idea of an electric bike leveled the playing field, so we gave it a try. We were in the process of test driving different e-bikes when we stumbled across a Cruiser500 in a bike shop. We immediately loved the classic look and I began looking at the specs and quality. Haven’t looked back since.

Bernard Herrera

Winkler, MB

Best purchase I’ve made in a while. The Cruiser500 bike’s style was exactly what I was looking for and workmanship, quality of its parts and components, and performance/feel is awesome. Was looking at ebikes for a while and test rode a few others from other manufacturers but none of them had the perfect mix of style, quality and performance I was expecting.

Leoni Wong

Charlettwon, PEI

Merkava simply redefined what an e-Bike can be setting the bar across performance, style, and craftsmanship. The only way to truly appreciate the magic is to ride one!

Beatrice Salgado

Fresno, CA

A few days into my Cruiser500 and this is the most fun I've had on two wheels in a long time! It's been fun both around town and off-road. No surprise that it's weight and lack of rear suspension make it unsuited for anything too crazy, but at the same time being able to hit the throttle to get over a tough spot on the trail is very cool.

Coby Hibbert -

Arlington, TX

I live in Arlington and have been having a tougher time getting around due to all the traffic in the area. My wife suggested looking into riding a bike to work but moving at a snail's pace is not for me. I stumbled onto a Cruiser500 while driving one afternoon and was amazed at this electric bike. It rides so smooth and takes the pain out of biking uphills.

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Merkava Staff   

Cruiser 500