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Finding The Right Folding eBike

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Buying a folding eBike is a great idea if you lack storage space. Not only that, but it’s particularly useful if you’re travelling, since you can easily make sure that it all fits the way you want. Which brings the question, how can you choose the right folding eBike for you? Let’s find out.

What will you use your bike for?

Generally, a good idea is to identify the purpose behind using a folding eBike. If you want one for daily commuting, go for a model that’s light and easy to carry. In case you want to go on short trips, a folding eBike with a larger range can be very useful. And yes, if you just want to go on leisure cycling, you need to go for a model that has big wheels, over 20”.

Motor size

Motors can vary from 200W and they go up to 5000W or more. If you want a class 1 or class 2 bike, 500W will be more than ok. In case you want to go for class 3 folding eBikes, then 750W might be even more suitable.

Battery capacity

When it comes to battery capacity, this can vary quite a bit. Some of the most common options are 36V and 10Ah, 60V 10Ah, as well as 48 V 10Ah. The thing to consider here is that the larger the battery capacity is, the longer the riding distance and time you will receive. Do keep in mind that the road conditions and rider weight will also influence the mileage of your folding eBike.

Where do you ride the folding eBike?

In case you go offroad, it’s a very good idea to go for a folding eBike that has offroad tires and shock resistance. If you just go uphill or downhill, larger wheels are preferred, as we mentioned above. The size of the folding eBike does matter too. As we said, if you go on long distance trips, larger wheels are better. However, for commuting you are better off with a folding eBike that has smaller wheels.

Maximum load and folding eBike weight

Most folding eBikes have a maximum load of 100 kg, maybe 150 kg or a bit more. They are also rather light, although you will find some models that are quite heavy too. It’s imperative to check the maximum load, because the last thing you want is for your unit to get damaged just due to sitting on it.


You should also consider pricing. Of course, you can spend as much as you want. The more you spend, the more extra features you can access, and that’s incredibly important. Also, you do want to see if there are other things included with the price, like accessories, extended warranty and so on.
All these things are very important when you try to find the right folding eBike for you. It will take a bit of a trial and error to narrow down the right model, but take your time and assess all the folding eBikes you are interested in. Then you will find it a lot easier to identify what works for you!