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By Merkava 

Premium Vintage Classic e-bike

Merkava’s VoltArt400

electric bike

  • is in a league of its own with a design that evokes classic custom motorcycles.

When it comes to functionality,

this bike is hard to classify. Despite its styling, it is not a motorcycle. Despite the "electric bicycle" moniker, it is not your standard e-bike. There are pedals, so you could get around even after you’ve depleted the battery. However, at 35kg (77 pounds), many people would rather not. Next to the pedals, the VoltArt400 features motorcycle-style pegs for resting your feet while you ride. The result is a product that has far more in common with traditional small motorbikes than with its electric-bike brethren.

propelled by a powerful 

400 watts electric brushless motor in the rear wheel and powered by a 48V-11.6Ah rechargeable and replaceable lithium ion battery pack that is neatly tucked in behind panels around the motor. A pair of caliper disc brakes on each wheel provide safe and fast stopping. Shock absorbers in the front and back promise a smooth ride without the spine-beating jostling you may have experienced on older gas-powered mopeds or lower end e-bikes.

engineering gem

and a piece of art.

  • As its name implies this e-bike is truly an engineering gem and a piece of art. Get ready to embark on this exclusive machine brought to you by Merkava propelling you into the future of responsible eco friendly commuting.

At a top speed of 32 km/h or 20 mph,

it's better suited for casual trips into town than mad dashes across the Bonneville Salt Flats. That doesn't stop it from being a stylish, innovative and practical option for getting around. The speed is closer to conventional mopeds than to other electric bikes, making it practical for errands, deliveries and local trips.

VoltArt400’s sleek ovoid battery Packs, 

come equipped with a USB socket that allows you to charge up your devices on the go. The paint job is covered in a UV-protectant clear coat to ensure that it keeps its good looks for years to come.

Applications for the VoltArt400 include:

Personal commute

Leisure rides on bike paths and trails

Art Galleries

Retail store Showcases

Brand NameMerkava 
Model NameVoltArt400
Motor Brushless DC High Magnetic Hub Motor in rear wheel
Power 400 Watts / 430rpm
Motor Torque 14 N.M
Voltage 48V
Battery capacity 18650 48V - 11.6Ah Lithium-ion 
Single cell capacity 2900Mah
Battery Weight 3.1kg or 6.8lbs
Standard charging current 2Ah
Battery compartment Flame retardant ABS
Charging time 5-6h
Top speed 32km/hour or 20mi/hour (Adjustable)*
Max range on a full charge 40km to 50km or 25mi to 31mi
(Max range will vary with rider weight, slope and speed)* 

Hill Climb Up to 5% grade
Tires Size 26 x 3 inches
Wheel type Pneumatic tire
Lights -Rear LED brake lights 
-Rear LED turn signals 
-Front LED lights 
-Front LED turn signals
Foldable No
Brake Front hydraulic disc brake, Rear hydraulic disc brake
LED display Yes, Smart Meter LED display showing battery life, speed & more
USB charging port Yes
Color Black, White, Red and Green
Body Aluminum Alloy body
Front fork Aluminum Alloy
Rear fork Aluminum Alloy
Front shock absorber Adjustable center spring shock absorber
Rear shock absorber Adjustable spring shock absorber
Net weight 35kg or 77lbs
Max load 102kg or 225lbs
Seat Height 810mm or 32in
Adjustable seat No
Dimension 1850 x 950mm or 73 x 37in (wheel base x height)
Ground Clearance 260mm or 10in

*Max speed and range based on a 175lbs rider and flat surface.

ready to roll?

On a league of its own

Redefining and reinventing vintage cycles. Become part of an exclusive community choosing to reduce their carbon footprint in style. 

Going places

Commute or joy ride through your city, neighborhood or school campus. Get there faster! No license, plates or insurance required. Adios to traffic, parking or long bus and subway wait times. Take control of your destination...every time.

Powered by lithium ion technology 

The VoltArt4oo vintage e-bike is powered by a state of the art rechargeable and removable lithium ion battery pack neatly tucked into the V-type twin cylinder faux compartment. 

Charge anywhere

CHARGE ANYWHERE through any 110V power outlet at school, the office or home. Our light weight charger can easily be carried in your back pack so you are never left with an empty battery. Plug, Play and Repeat!

What our customers think

Chantal Labreche 

Ottawa, ON

I purchased the VoltArt400 for my husbands 40th b-day. Hes always wanted a custom motorcycle but never got around to getting his license. So this was the perfect alternative. He absolutely loves it, leaving me wanting one for myself, but in red. 

Marc Gillespie

Kamloops, BC

Have been riding mine for the last three months to get to work and back. Must say I am truly impressed by the attention to details and workmanship. Definitely something to hold to for the long run. 

John Maury

Montreal, QC

I got my VoltArt e-bike last week. I actually have no intention of riding it! I own a men's clothing store and placed the vintage bike in my showcase. People's reaction to it is astonishing. Men are drawn into my store like kids to a candy shop. It's hilarious, Love it! 

Michael Caunaught

Panama City Beach, FL

This is by all means not the fastest e-bike out there but that's okay. It rides real smooth and with its sleek look was really not intended to race but rather cruise around and that it does beautifully. A little pricier than other vintage e-bikes out there but well worth it as it's design and built are so unique. 

Sandra LeCount

Moncton, NB

Fell in love with this vintage bicycle the minute I stumbled upon it. Knew I had to own it. As my first e-bike I have nothing to compare it to, but so far i can't complain. It takes me where I need to go with ease. Range is good and speed as well for city commute.  Also looks awesome inside my loft.  

Heather Campbell

Capitola, CA

I have been getting around my little beach town with my noisy scooter for years now. I'm sure my neighbors are so relieved. I'm zipping through town with zero noise or emissions. Love it, and it looks so sexy on top of it. What a beauty. 

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