Want to buy avon?

Easy Steps on How to Register as my Customer

Step 1

-Go to www.Avon.ca/Boutique/Stephanie
-Click on the Dark Pink Button ''Become My Customer'' and fill out the sign in information   

Step 2

-Once your finished filling out the form click on ''Continue' and you will be directed to another page that looks like the following:
-You will need to open up another window in your browser and go to your email to verify that it is your email address. Click on the ''Confirm your email'' button (Please keep in mind that it is possible the email went to your junk mail)
-You will then be asked to select a password, a security question and answer (make sure you put in information that you will remember) 
-**Remember to check off the little box so that I have permission to send you information on the current promotions
-Once your done putting in that information Click on the big pink 'Submit' button at the bottom.

Step 3

Get Ready To SHop!

-You will be directed to another page and it will say...
Welcome To Avon.
Click on the Pink Button that says
''Continue to Shop''

Continue to Shop

If you have any other questions feel free to ask me or check out my article on Easy Steps to Shop Online.